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Keep your dog’s feeding station up to standards, and make meal-time easy with three bowl dog bowl feeders that are effortlessly interchangeable.

Whether you want to make feeding and watering easier on you, or you want to accommodate more than one dog, it’s a good decision to invest in a with treats, feed two dogs with a community water bowl, or feed up to three dogs with one station. Whatever the combination, you can be rest assured the three bowl dog feeders can tend to your specific needs.

Triple feeders also tend to be elevated, which can aid in proper digestion, maintain a healthy posture, and make it easier to access their food and water and a comfortable position. This relieves any tension on their muscles from bending down, and alleviates stress on bad bones and joints.

Best Three Bowl Dog Feeders to Consider

When searching for a dog feeder, there are many things that you want to keep in mind. If you have more than one dog, it’s important to make sure they each have their own dog bowl for food. It’s alright to share a water bowl, but with that in mind, if you happen to have three dogs, you would want to make sure to acquire another three bowl dog feeder to accommodate for their water, or another dog bowl, to ensure each dog has their own feeder for food. This minimizes any possible aggression, over or underfeeding, and allows each dog their own space.

There is also your dog’s digestion to keep in mind. If your dog is older and has bad joints or bones, or they’re a taller breed, you want to accommodate for that and purchase a feeder that’s elevated. This allows them to eat with less stress on their joints and muscles, plus it helps facilitate proper digestion, allowing the food to travel from the mouth to the stomach, which saves you time from cleaning up future messes, and keeps your dog comfortable and healthy.

Next, are your dogs calm, or do they aggressively chew? If you have yourself a chewer, make sure that whatever three bowl dog feeder you choose, it’s chew-proof. Stainless steel is a fantastic option, as it stays in place, and is difficult for your dog to destroy.

X-ZONE PET Elevated Bamboo Stand Feeder

X-ZONE Pet’s elevated pet feeding station is made from organic, strong-fiber bamboo, and includes three leak-proof, stainless steel bowls. Whether you want to accommodate for more or less dogs, or you want the feeding station to grow with your puppy, the raised feeding station includes adjustable bamboo slabs, to which you can simply remove them and a bowl, and turn the three bowl feeding station into a two bowl feeding station in seconds.

Purchasing the proper size for your feeding station aids in relieving muscle and joint tension by elevating the bowl, putting less strain on their neck, hips, and shoulders, while also improving their posture. That being said, the X-ZONE Pet store offers sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, so you can make sure you have the correct size for your specific breed and size.


  • Three leak-proof stainless steel bowls
  • Adjustable bamboo stand that grows with your puppy
  • Anti-slip feet that’s stable, doesn’t slide easily, provides protection to your floor, and reduces noise
  • Reduces bloating and strain on dogs, allowing them to swallow easier


  • Not a good choice for aggressive chewing dogs
  • Some customers reported it to be wobbly; please make sure you are assembling properly

Platinum Pets Stainless Steel Triple Feeder

This three bowl pet feeder is a basic, modern stainless steel stand for minimalists, and includes three powder coated, pearl white ceramic bowls. If you’re feeling colorful, you can enjoy up to 17 other colors of ceramic bowls to choose from. Chip, rust and fade resistant, this feeder also includes a removable, rattle-free rim.


  • Light weight
  • Easy to clean and non-toxic
  • Holds up to 3.5 cups of food, treats or water
  • Includes size chart for appropriate meal portions vs. breed size, in an easy to read modern diner sizing chart for optimal healthy eating


  • Customers reported loving the feeder, but that it is not as durable as expected, and can break easily

NMN Designs 7” Elevated Triple Bowl Station

NMN Designs’ regal elevated, triple bowl dining station features beautiful wrought iron with an elegant black finish, and is assembled with anti-skid plastic tips on the feet to prevent unwanted movement, and allows for a sturdy dining experience with minimal cleaning. Ideal for medium to large breeds, the 7” tall feeding station also includes three stainless steel bowls with rubber rings that reduce noise, for a quiet, relaxed meal.


  • Elegant, attractive look
  • Sturdy and heavy duty
  • Anti-skid plastic feet
  • Rubber ringed stainless steel bowls
  • Easy to clean


  • Not suitable for smaller breeds of dogs
  • Pricey

BINGPET 3 Bowl, Elevated Pet Feeder

This adorable elevated pet feeder features a wire stand with a triangle arc of bowls, embellished with an iron plated dog bone, and three stainless steel bowls. Its stable structure is further supported with a non-slip sheet that sticks to the wire-arc, maintaining a sturdiness, while reducing noise. The elevated wire frame reduces stress on your dog’s neck and joints while eating, and makes it easy to feed up to three pets simultaneously.


  • Non-slip sheets
  • Elevated structure with elegant arc iron wire design
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Great value
  • Anti-rust material that keeps its luster in its longevity
  • Includes an easy-to-follow size guide


  • No cons, this is a highly rated and reviewed product

Modern Ironworks 3 Bowl Dog Feeder

Support a small business, and purchase this attractive triple feeding station by Modern Ironworks, made directly in the U.S.A. Measuring at 16” tall, 10.5” wide and 30.75” long, this durable feeder includes a steel body and legs that were baked with a powder coating, for a beautiful matte finish, along with three large stainless steel bowls with three quart capacity (up to 12 cups). Not only that, but the legs include adjustable leveling footing with plastic floor protection padding.


  • Attractive design
  • Dishwasher safe bowls that are easy to clean
  • Protection pads to keep floor clean and reduce noise
  • Ideal for large dogs


  • Pricey

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Question

Why do I need three bowls? Why not just two?

You don’t necessarily need three bowls per se, but it is more convenient for you and your dog(s) in the long run. If you have one dog, you can easily store their food, water and treats in one spot, or simultaneously interchange the bowls for cleaning, so your dog always has a clean feeding station. If you have more than one dog, to avoid aggressive eating, overeating and to monitor their food intake, you want to make sure each dog has their own food bowl. This isn’t necessary for water, as they can share a community food bowl, but for convenience and to reduce stress, it’s best to allow each dog their own water bowl as well. You can find basic plastic dog bowls here.

Plus, three bowl dog feeders typically are structured so that the bowls sit in a frame, usually wire, metal or wood, so you can avoid messes and tipping of food and water bowls, as they are neatly secured in one setting and easily accessible.

Which material bowl is best to choose?

Choosing the best material for the bowls or frames of triple dog feeders entirely depends on your dog’s personality. If they typically are known to be aggressive chewers, are a larger breed, rough house a lot, or demolish their food in one setting, you’ll want to focus more on iron and stainless steel frameworks, and heavier bowls (find weighted bowls here).

If your dogs are smaller breeds, and don’t tend to wreak havoc, you can invest in less durable framing and bowls, which usually are more attractive in design, such as bamboo or wood. Whatever you choose, take into account what your pack can and cannot handle in order to enjoy longevity of use in your product.

Why is it important to match the size of the feeder to the breed?

It is important to match the size of the feeder depending on the height and weight of your breed for the same reasons people gravitate towards elevated feeding stations: comfort, digestion aiding, and portion control. If you have a large Great Dane, for example, you’d want to find an elevated feeding station that is tall enough for your pooch to reach, that way there is less strain on their joints and muscles. This allows for digestion aid, reduces bloating, relieves tension, and promotes proper posture.

If you have smaller breeds, like a Chihuahua, it would be difficult for them to reach an elevated dog bowl, making eating uncomfortable. Most companies offer different sizing in their options of three bowl dog feeders, but if they don’t and the framing doesn’t accommodate for your dog’s size, it’s advisable to consider other options and look elsewhere. Just like it’s not comfortable for us to eat while laying down, it’s not comfortable for your friend to bend down too far or stretch up in order to access and digest their food.

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The 5 Best Three Bowl Dog Feeders For Optimal Chow-Time - Dogtime (2024)
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