Pertemis at Home - Chapter 1 - Marethyu (InfinityDude777) - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)

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PROLOGUE – Sex Ed With Sally

Even just at 7 years old, Percy's body was growing very fast, and unknown to both mother and son, so was his libido. So when Percy ran up to his mother after a bath with his already 5-inch dick erect and saying "Mommy! Mommy! My thing is hard and I can't get it down! Can you help me?"

Sally, seeing this, was shocked at his length at such a small age, and realized it would not be long before he tried to figure these things out on his own. She vowed that she would give him a good and proper sex education.

Both Sally and Percy were naked, on her bed, and she was talking to him. "That thing, as you say, is called your penis, which is also known as your dick, co*ck, and many other names. When it is hard like that, it is erect, and you need to release."

"What release?"

"Release is when you come, or org*sm, when you feel really good."

"OK mommy."

"Now. Do you see the little spheres on my chest?"


"Those are called breasts, boobs, or tit*. On my butt, or ass, there are two holes – one is my asshole, and one is my vagin*, also known as a puss* or c*nt. In normal sex, called penetrative sex, you put your co*ck inside my puss* and thrust. In oral sex, you stick your tongue inside or I give you a blowj*b, which is when I put your co*ck in my mouth. Finger f*cking is when you put your fingers inside me and a handjob is when I use my hands to pleasure you. If you stick your co*ck inside my asshole, then it is anal, and you can do the same things with your tongue and finger. Sometimes, I can put on a fake co*ck and stick it in your ass. Last, this is an uncommon form of sex, when I cover your dick with my boobs and you thrust or I go up and down. Got that?"


TIME SKIP – a year, many org*sms, lessons, and naked days later

"All right, Percy. It is time for your final test." By now, Percy had matured a bit more, and his dick had grown another half inch, so Sally was excited.

"OK mommy, what do I do?"

"So, for your final test, you will be f*cking me."

Instead of talking, Percy got into the bed with Sally and kissed her passionately, his hands roaming everywhere from the back of her head to her jiggly ass. Sally could feel his hot and thick erection pressing up against her stomach, the tip oozing precum right under her cleavage, and it turned her on a lot, and she was already soaking wet. His hands groped her ass, one finger at the opening of her c*nt and asshole. His fingers slid smoothly in, while they pulled apart for breath, and she gasped and held his back tighter. He thrusted in and out, while laying down and sliding his dick up between her tit*. She squeezes her boobs tight and moved up and down on top of his fingers, simultaneously f*cking herself and Percy. His dick was completely engulfed in her DD-cups, and he came all over her chin and tit* the same time she had her release. he slid his fingers out, and moved them into a '69 position and without any warning shoved his tongue into her c*nt, making her arch her back in pleasure. The movement forced his dick into her mouth, where she expertly swirled her tongue around and sucked it into heaven. He came a bit faster than before, but still as much. They pulled apart, and changed to eagle position, and he thrusted into her asshole, pulled out, and into her c*nt over and over switching between those two. He hammered in and out, Sally gasping and moaning, and when he finally came, it was so much that it flooded out of both of her holes – 7 waves of hot, thick, sticky, white cream. After the second wave, however, he completed coated her c*nt and asshole, and pulled out into her mouth. He kept cumming in her mouth, and when it started to overflow, he put the tip on her tit*, and the last three waves coated her 34C boobs. They both collapsed with the pleasure, Sally on top of Percy. He felt her leaking holes on his dick. and his face sandwiched between her coated tit*. The last thing he remembered was her mumbling something through the cum keeping her mouth shut, then he passed out.

The two became addicted to sex (a good thing?) and became f*ckbuddies, using the term ILF (I'd like to f*ck) when they wanted to. They also developed a strict two-piece dress code – only two pieces of clothing allowed. On weekends, they went around completely naked.

TIME SKIP – 1 month later

Unbeknownst to him, the reason why there was so much severe weather this month was because Zeus and Poseidon had their biggest quarrel – Zeus was complaining that Poseidon had tried to usurp him, and Poseidon had snapped, leading to Zeus declaring war and the rest of Olympus dividing – with Ares, Hephaestus, Apollo, Athena, Dionysus, Hera, and Aphrodite siding with Zeus and Demeter, Artemis, Hermes, and Hades siding with Poseidon. Zeus, furious that his own daughter had betrayed him, took her powers and locked away her memories, and sent her to live a mortal named Silver. However, she was sent to live in upper Manhattan, right next door to a young Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. The two became the closest of friends. At a young age, since both were part god, they both developed and matured very fast, with high intelligence.

Ding dong! The doorbell rang at the Jackson apartment. Percy went to open the door and was greeted by Silver, his next-door neighbor's 8-year-old daughter. "Hi Silver!"

"Hi Percy!"

"How are you? Why are you here? Is something wrong?"

"No, nothing's wrong, I'm good. Do I need an excuse to visit my best friend?"

"Uh…no?" But something was off, and he realized that Silver was only wearing underwear and a bra accenting her C-cups. He stopped staring, knowing that something was wrong, and let her in. "So, why are you only wearing a bra and underwear?"

"Oh." She blushed, looking down, her eyes catching on the massive bulge in my pants. "I was swimming in the pool, but it got too cold outside so I went in, but I left my clothes inside and accidentally locked the door, and the swimsuit was wet so I needed to dry off."

"Do you want something to change into?"


"OK." I went into my room and opened my closet, and gave her a shirt and shorts, and she started to change. However, I wasn't expecting her to take off her swimwear so fast, and was still staring when she took off her bikini and underwear. She turned around and bent over to pick up the clothes, giving me a perfect view of her dripping puss*, then she put on her pants and turned around and saw me staring. We both turned red and I averted my eyes, but not before staring at her big boobs. She put her shirt on, and asked if there was anything to eat. I told her that we had blue cookies. We ate them, and Silver yawned, and lay down on the couch. I realized that I was tired as well, and laid down next to her, unconsciously wrapping around her, her legs tangled up in mine, my dick under her c*nt, her boobs on my chest, our faces right next to each other.

30 min later

Sally POV

I woke up naked, like I always do, masturbat*d a bit, and put on shorts and a tank top, deciding to change it up today. I went outside into the living room, but I found Percy and Silver sleeping in each other's arms without any underclothes on. I laughed at seeing the wet spots near their crotches and those perky tit* I had always envied, and shook them awake.

"Percy, Silver." Percy sat up and looked around wildly before settling his eyes on me and Silver yawned and looked up. They both blushed after seeing the proximity they were in, and I asked Silver whether her parents knew she was here. She said no and told me what happened. I called her parents and she left.

That was the last encounter until they were 12.

4 years later at Montauk with Silver

Percy POV

"Nngh! Mom, I'm cumming!"

"Put it in my mouth!" I pulled away and stuck my dick in her mouth, where she clamped down like a vice and milked the cum out of my co*ck. I flopped down on her bed, spent, when the doorbell rang. Groaning in annoyance, I got up, closed the door, walked down the hallway, and yanked open the door and stopped, blinking, taking in the sight before me. Silver was standing in front of my door back from the store, wearing very sexy clothes. She was wearing super duper short nearly transparent shorts through which I could just barely see her thong, and her top was hidden by a form-fitting tank top, accenting her curves and buxom breasts. After giving her the once-over, I hugged her and teased, "Ever thought about wearing clothes that don't turn me on so much?" I covered my mouth at the mistake.

"Every thought about wearing clothes?" She deadpanned. I looked down to see that, in fact, I had forgot to put on any clothes, and my 8-inch dick was twitching excitedly. By now, I had matured into a 15-year-old in a 12-year-old body, so I was very horny, especially after seeing Silver like that. When I looked up, I saw Silver ogling my dick, her hand in her shorts. She saw me and turned red and muttered, "It's so big…" I turned red and ushered her into the house, closing the door.

"Do you want me to put on something? The reason is because my mom and I go around naked on weekends, and we just f*cked." However, instead of turned red like I expected, she just nodded and asked me to turn around. When I turned back, I was stunned and stood there, gaping like a fish. She had completely stripped herself and was walking towards him sensually while swaying her hips back and forth. She sat down on his lap and asked sultrily, "Is there something you want to say?"

"Um… no? Want something to eat?"

"…No. Wanna swim?"


"OK. I'll get out the swimming clothes." Unknown to both, a certain love goddess was smirking after making both of their clothes slightly too small for them.

When they tried to put their clothes on, they both frowned, and tugged harder. Percy wasn't able to pull his trunks farther than his thighs and Silver faced a similar problem. He tried to create clothes out of water, but they dissipated as soon as he made them, making him think that something or someone was doing this.

"Well, it should be OK, because according to that sign, Montauk is an "optional nude beach."


I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the door and ran down the path leading to the beach, then leapt in, pulling her with me. We swam for a bit, and we saw some fish. I went to my garage and got two surfboards, and we surfed for an hour but as I was helping Silver out, a super-huge wave came and washed us onto the beach tumbling over each other. We landed in the second most awkward position ever: she was practically sitting on my dick, which was rapidly hardening. I pulled away and didn't say anything, and it was eventually forgotten. However, as I was helping Silver bring her rogue surfboard back to sea, we encountered a few dolphins, and they squeaked at us I invitingly and we climbed on top and rode them back to shore, where they launched us with their snouts 10 feet into the air and on top of each other, but this time one influenced by Aphrodite. Silver fell on top of Percy, her face right up against his, subconsciously leaning towards each other, wanting each other, until – WHAM! a wave swept them off of their feet sending them sprawling across the wet sand.

"So, want to go back in?"

"Sure." They went back inside and Percy sat down next to Silver and turned the TV on to sate their boredom. However: "This television program is interrupted by an important message to Percy Jackson on Aphrodite's Love Channel: Please look on the coffee table. Now, the show will continue." Intrigued, I looked down at the coffee table where:Aphrodite's Love Guide: Couples Edition (Comes with matching rings!). He pulled Silver onto his lap, eliciting a yelp, and opened the book.

Pertemis at Home - Chapter 1 - Marethyu (InfinityDude777) - Percy Jackson and the Olympians & Related Fandoms (2024)
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