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Is your nail polish wearing off? Are your nails uneven and overgrown? Then you need a visit to a professional nail salon. With Booksy, you can find all of the nail salons near you, as well as their  services, prices, reviews, and more. We make it easier than ever to find a nail salon that offers the services you need, and at the right price. You can even book an appointment straight from our website! There's even the option to request a specific staff member. We give you all the tools you need to find a five-star nail salon that isn't too far from home.

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What Services do Nail Salons Provide?

Nail salons specialise in providing manicures. There are many types of manicures, including acrylic, French, gel, and more. With Booksy, you can compare the different manicure types each nail salon offers in your area. A basic manicure involves cutting, shaping, and cleaning your nails and your manicurist may also apply some basic polish. Gel and acrylic manicures are more extensive and involve longer-lasting polishes and extensions. Some nail salons may also offer pedicures.How do You Prepare for a Manicure and a Pedicure?Preparing for a manicure and a pedicure is relatively easy, especially with Booksy. The first step is to make sure you've scheduled an appointment. Nail salons are often busy, and trying to walk in without notice isn't always a good idea. You can schedule an appointment using Booksy without ever having to make a call! Next, make sure that your hands and feet are immaculate and fresh. That's all you need to do to prepare for your manicure or pedicure!How to Find the Best Nail Salon?If you use Booksy, you can easily find the best nail salon that's closest to you. With our search options, you can view each locations' services, prices, reviews, and address. Make sure that you check out the user reviews and average user score as well. This is the quickest way to find a nail salon that's got a great reputation. Also, factor in your budget when searching for a nail salon. Thanks to the number of options we provide at Booksy, you're bound to find a nail salon that works for you!What Kind of Manicure is Best for Your Nails?Do you prefer to have long nails that are shiny, colorful, and last a long time? Then an acrylic manicure is an ideal choice for you. While they are a bit more expensive than a basic manicure, they will suit your needs perfectly. A gel manicure is also a viable option, as they feature a wide variety of colors and will also last a long time. If you only need the basics, a standard manicure will work just fine.How Do I Make an Appointment at a Nail Salon?Making an appointment at a nail salon is effortless with Booksy. You can see the available appointment times for each location on the fly. This information gets updated in real-time, so it's always 100% accurate. Select the date and time that works best for you. To further enhance your experience, you can make a special request for your favourite manicurist. You'll love avoiding long wait times by scheduling an appointment through Booksy! How Much Will I Pay for a Visit to a Nail Salon?The prices for manicures all vary. Here's a general guide to what you can expect from each manicure. Standard manicures usually cost around £10 - £15. A gel manicure and an acrylic manicure both run around £25 and up. French and American manicures are the most expensive, costing £30 and above. Booksy allows you to compare the prices of each nail salon that's in your town. Our user-friendly layout makes it incredibly easy to find a nail salon close to you that's in your budget range.

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Nail Salon near me - Book an appointment on! (2024)
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