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The 2023 season of F1 racing promises to be an exciting one, with new tracks added to the calendar and old favorites returning. To get you ready for the action, we’ve put together a list of interesting facts about each of the tracks on the schedule. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting into the sport, this is everything you need to know about where the teams will be battling it out next year.


23 races are scheduled to hold this year

Get ready for a season of incredible speed and excitement! The 2023 Formula 1 racing calendar is out, with 23 races across the globe kicking off in Bahrain on March 2021. From Qatar’s sunny sands to Las Vegas’ iconic streets, fans around the world will be able to experience some of F1’s most anticipated tracks as part of this exhilarating new schedule. And finally – Abu Dhabi will host an unforgettable finale at year’s end. Buckle up race lovers – it promises to be one legendary journey!


The Chinese Grand Prix will not be replaced on the 2023 F1 calendar

Formula 1 confirms their 2023 calendar will feature 23 races instead of the planned 24. The Formula One season is set to begin on March 3rd in Bahrain and conclude on November 26th in Abu Dhabi – leaving one significant gap due to the Chinese Grand Prix’s cancellation earlier this year.

Additionally, with just under two months before lights-out at Sakhir International Circuit, fans are excited for what promises to be a thrilling start (and finish) as F1 celebrates its first full season since 2019.


Singapore GP track changes for 2023

The circuit for the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix is set to be drastically different from its predecessor, with an alteration of the track layout removing a section along the marina and cutting a whopping twenty seconds off the lap time.

Notably, this was where Nelson Piquet Jr famously crashed back in 2008 during that dramatic race that saw Fernando Alonso as the victor. But fans will now look forward to considerable straights and long flat-out sections at breakneck speeds before reaching hairpin chicanes.

The upcoming Formula 1 race will be cut short by two laps, reducing the total from 63 to 61. If FIA approval is granted, drivers will have a shorter course when they hit the track this season – and look forward to returning back to normal in 2024.


F1 confirms 2023 venues, Monaco gets new three-year deal

The world of F1 is abuzz with recent news. The French Grand Prix will not take place in 2021, but rounds from Qatar and Saudi Arabia have been confirmed for their respective venues; the super-fast Jeddah Corniche circuit for the former and Losail track, where racing first returned during an exciting 2020 season, hosting the latter.

Another important piece to consider when building this year’s calendar comes from Las Vegas–the prestigious Circuit awaits FIA hom*ologation before it can become F1’s first Saturday race since decades ago.


British F1 Grand Prix date revealed!

Mark your calendars, F1 fans! The iconic British Grand Prix is back and set for a thrilling edition in July 2023. Silverstone’s website has revealed the provisional dates to be from the 7th until 9th of that month – an event normally held over the first weekend in July during years prior. Get ready for some high-octane action on home soil this summer!


F1 Races had contracts easier and quicker for 2023?

After two seasons of uncertainty regarding the Formula 1 calendar, 2023 is already taking shape thanks to agreements in place for most circuits. Fans around the world can look forward to returning favorites like Australia and Canada, as well as newcomers Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Miami, and Imola joining tenured races like Abu Dhabi, Britain, and Japan on next year’s schedule.


Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium will be the longest track this year

This year, the Autodromo di Monza celebrated its centenary anniversary! Set in a city park outside Milan and home to some of Formula 1’s most iconic moments over the decades, it has hosted every World Championship race since 1950 bar one. Its tight 5.8km layout remains virtually unchanged from when it opened 100 years ago – with only the high-speed oval no longer part of today’s course.


Interlagos Circuit is the best track this year

With its hilly roads and drastic elevation changes, Interlagos Circuit in São Paulo is sure to provide some of the most thrilling F1 action when it hosts the Brazil Grand Prix later this year. Having held races since 1973, all eyes will be on what promises to be one of their most spectacular performances yet.


What are the new races on the calendar in 2023?

This year, three Grand Prix races will take place on North American soil – with one being held right at the heart of Las Vegas. In addition to getting an eyeful of dazzling lights along its route through the Strip, this Saturday night event is perfectly timed in the online sportsbook so it can be watched during prime time TV across America – marking the return of F1 racing stateside after years away.

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As a passionate Formula 1 enthusiast and expert, my extensive knowledge of the sport allows me to delve into the details of the upcoming 2023 F1 season and provide you with insights into the key concepts mentioned in the article.

23 Races Scheduled for 2023: The 2023 F1 season is set to be a thrilling ride with a total of 23 races scheduled across the globe. The season kicks off in Bahrain in March 2021 and concludes in Abu Dhabi at the end of November. This expanded calendar promises to take fans to iconic tracks, including new additions and returning favorites.

Chinese Grand Prix Exclusion: A significant development for the 2023 season is the exclusion of the Chinese Grand Prix from the calendar, reducing the total number of races to 23. This change has left a notable gap in the schedule, with the season set to begin in Bahrain on March 3rd and conclude in Abu Dhabi on November 26th.

Singapore GP Track Changes: The Singapore Grand Prix track for 2023 will undergo substantial changes, particularly in the marina section, resulting in a lap time reduction of twenty seconds. The alteration aims to provide drivers with longer straights and flat-out sections, adding excitement to the race. The upcoming event will also be shortened by two laps, pending approval from the FIA.

Confirmation of 2023 Venues: F1 has confirmed the venues for the 2023 season, with Qatar and Saudi Arabia hosting rounds at the Jeddah Corniche circuit and Losail track, respectively. Additionally, the iconic Circuit in Las Vegas is awaiting FIA hom*ologation, potentially becoming the first Saturday race in decades.

British F1 Grand Prix Date: Marking a return to the calendar, the British Grand Prix is scheduled for July 2023 at Silverstone. The provisional dates are set from the 7th to the 9th, promising high-octane action on home soil during the summer.

F1 Race Contracts for 2023: The 2023 F1 season is showing signs of stability, with contracts for most circuits already in place. This marks a contrast to the uncertainty of the previous two seasons. Returning favorites like Australia and Canada, along with new races in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Miami, and Imola, contribute to the robust schedule for the upcoming season.

Spa-Francorchamps – Longest Track: Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium is set to be the longest track of the year. Known for its challenging and iconic layout, the track's length adds an extra layer of complexity for drivers and is a fan-favorite due to its historic significance in the world of motorsports.

Interlagos Circuit – Brazil Grand Prix: Interlagos Circuit in São Paulo, with its hilly terrain and dramatic elevation changes, promises to deliver thrilling F1 action during the Brazil Grand Prix. Having hosted races since 1973, the circuit is known for its spectacular performances and will undoubtedly captivate audiences once again.

New Races in 2023 – Las Vegas Grand Prix: Three new Grand Prix races are set to take place on North American soil in 2023, including the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The race through the iconic streets of Las Vegas, featuring dazzling lights along the Strip, is positioned for prime-time TV viewing across America, marking the return of F1 racing stateside.

In conclusion, the 2023 F1 season is shaping up to be an exciting and dynamic one, with a diverse range of tracks and events that will keep fans on the edge of their seats. From track changes to new additions and iconic venues, the upcoming season promises to deliver unparalleled racing action.

F1 Tracks: Interesting Facts About the 2023 Season Tracks | F1 News (2024)
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